Mobile Pricing

Your Investment

Your mobile Growth Engine program is based on a more traditional pay per click model to drive engagement and conversions through mobile marketing campaigns.

It also requires a monthly software subscription that manages the creation, distribution and analytics of your mobile campaigns.

Therefore we have simplified the entire process into three key Mobile Inbound Growth Engine Areas

Talk to to Inbound growth Specialist to structure a custom solution.

Step 1: Choose Your Mobile Inbound Growth Plan Strategy

The GrowthPlan mobile strategy is a one off investment and is charged in advance or take the 3 easy payment option, it is completed in the first month with campaigns going live from month two.

As part of your initial GrowthPlan investment, your first pay per click traffic credit pack is included.

Use the Information icon at the side of each module to see a detailed description of what each includes or visit the ‘Mobile Marketing’ Page.

Step 2: Choose Your Mobile Inbound GamePlan Marketing

This comprises of three modules and executed on the Pro & Premium subscriptions from month 2 to month 13, and is your build, launch and ongoing mobile marketing campaigns that run inside your mobile marketing system.

If you choose the Plus subscription, this is DIY self-managed option for software only.

Use the Information icon at the side of each module to see a detailed description of what each module includes or visit the ‘Mobile Marketing’ Page.

We have three levels of GamePlan Monthly retainers based on the speed and volume of campaigns a business requires, or to give you a self managed option.

Choose your GamePlan retainer type from Plus, Pro, or Premium. Then choose the payment frequency from Monthly or Quarterly Payment option and save. Mobile Plus is software only and requires self management of all campaigns. All packages include standard SMS top and email credits.

Step 3: Traffic Credits Investment

Your mobile Growth Engine program requires traffic credits to service and deliver your mobile campaigns.

These traffic and pay per click campaign costs are in addition to what is included in your mobile plus, pro or premium monthly subscription allowances.

Campaign Credits

Traffic Type Cost Per Credit Minimum Order Value
Email Credits £0.005 £25
SMS Top Credits £0.05 £250
SMS Ads Value Equal Value £300

PPC Investment

SMS ads credit is charged based on the conversion of the total campaign [1st 24 hours]
Campaign Data Size of 10,000

Contacts Conversion Conversion % Per Click Conv Total Campaign Cost
100 1% £2.09 £209 [Minimum Charge]
500 5% £0.52 £260
1000 10% £0.34 £340
1500 15% £0.25 £375
2000 20% £0.21 £420 [Maximum Charge]