Mobile Marketing GrowthPlan

Mobile Growth Engines are built and executed over a 13 month period, the Growth Plan mobile strategy is the framework to build your mobile marketing campaigns around to increase engagement and lead generation inside your clients handsets.

Through core analytical and optimised mobile friendly campaigns the Growth Plan mobile strategy is executed over four key modules.

The Growth Plan mobile strategy is a one off investment and is charged in advance, it is completed over the first month with mobile video and story telling campaigns going live from month two.

As part of your initial Growth Plan investment, your first pay per click credits pack is included and will be charged based upon the size of your contact list.

Audit Analysis

The Audit Analysis assignment is carried out by your Mobile Inbound Growth Specialist and includes a deep dive audit on your digital marketing and social media activities.

– Create – Audit Analysis Playbook

– Audit – Social Media Channels

– Audit – Paid Search / Social

– Audit – Technical Systems

– Audit – Sales & Marketing Alignment

– Create – Paid Search / Social Accounts

Mobile Strategy
Workshop & Assignment

The Mobile Strategy workshop and assignment project creates your strategy around your lead generation, education, and supporting campaigns. Includes defining the video, storytelling, email and chatbot assets.

– Create – Mobile Strategy Playbook

– Create – Storytelling & Video Strategy

– Create – Chatbot Strategy

– Create – Lead Generation Campaign Strategy

– Create – Education Campaign Strategy

– Create – Survey Campaign Strategy

– Create – Tactical Campaign Strategy

– Create – 12 Month Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Starter Campaigns
Mobile Campaigns

The Starter Campaigns are a series of proven lead generation, educational, tactical offer, event follow up, blog and survey mobile campaign assets that are added to your online mobile marketing system.

Lead Generation Campaigns

– 1x Story Telling SMS Ads

– 1x Movie Telling SMS Ads

Education Campaigns

– 1x Story Telling

– 1x Movie Telling

– 1 x 12 Month Awareness Latest News

Tactical Offer Campaigns

– 2x Email Template, Landing Page & Coupon & SMS Ads

Event Follow Up Campaigns

– 1x Email Template & SMS

Blog Campaign

– 3x Email Template & SMS

Survey Campaign

– 1x Email Template & SMS

Starter Traffic Pack
Pay Per Click Credit Pack

The Starter Traffic Pack is assigned to your system to enable email, SMS top and SMS ads to be sent from your system, the traffic packs are the fuel that drives your PPC [Pay Per Click] campaigns.

Starter Traffic Pack includes:

Email Credits – 2500

SMS Top credits – 2500

SMS Ads Value – £300.00

How to Design, Build and Launch Your Mobile Growth Engine

Mobile search has now overtaken traditional desktop usage with over 60% of search now on mobiles. Learn how you can capitalise on increased engagement and conversions with Mobile Inbound Video and Story based marketing.