Mobile Marketing GamePlan

Mobile Growth Engines are built and executed over a 13 month period, targeted mobile Game Plan Inbound Marketing campaigns for each persona are included to increase engagement and lead generation inside your clients handsets.

The SuccessHub mobile marketing software subscription is required and is included in the monthly retainer to avoid any additional costs.

Through targeted and managed Inbound mobile optimised campaigns, its executed from three key modules to increase engagement and leads into your sales team.

The Game Plan mobile marketing campaigns are charged as monthly or quarterly retainers from months two to thirteen in advance and require a 12 month subscription .

Additional campaign pay per click costs are applicable for SMS campaigns and are added to your monthly retainer.

All additional mobile optimised campaign assets from mobile landing pages, content, email templates, call to actions, social scheduling and chatbots are all included in your managed Game Plan retainer.

Get Stuff Done

The Get Stuff Done assignment is where the SuccessHub Mobile Inbound team start to assemble and implement your Mobile GrowthPlan strategy. The production line is in full force preparing you for launch.

– Create – Get Stuff Done Playbook

– Data – Segmentation

– Systems – Mobile Platform Technical Set Up

– Campaigns – Build Mobile Campaigns

– Campaigns – Build Lg|Ed|Sv|Tc Inbound Campaigns from Playbook

– Assets – Create Assets From Strategy

– Assets – Rebrand / Update Social Accounts

– Assets – Build Landing Pages

– Assets – Build Storytelling Templates

– Assets – Build Movietelling Templates

– Assets – Build Email Templates

– Assets – Build Chatbot Framework

– Assets – Create Social Designs

Launch Pad

The Launchpad assignment is where your Mobile Inbound Growth Specialist quality controls your Mobile Growth Engine Inbound Marketing System and creates your organic and paid search / social Content Calendar Schedule for your first Campaign.

– Create – LaunchPad Playbook

– Q1 – Mobile Marketing Inbound Campaigns

– Content Calendar – Social

– Content Calendar – Paid

– Content Calendar – Tactical Offers Campaigns

– Content Calendar – Lead Generation Campaigns

– Content Calendar – Education Campaigns

Campaign Manager
Managed Retainer

The Campaign Manager assignment and workshops is where your Mobile Inbound Growth Specialist and supporting fulfilment team launch your subsequent campaigns whilst optimising each campaign for maximum performance. Includes review 1:1 meetings every 12 weeks.

– Create – GamePlan Campaign Playbook

– Assign Mobile Pro / Plus / Premium Status

– Q1 – Mobile Inbound Campaigns Management & Optimisation

– Q2 – Mobile Inbound Campaigns Management & Optimisation

– Q3 – Mobile Inbound Campaigns Management & Optimisation

– Q4 – Mobile Inbound Campaigns Management & Optimisation

How to Design, Build and Launch Your Mobile Growth Engine

Mobile search has now overtaken traditional desktop usage with over 60% of search now on mobiles. Learn how you can capitalise on increased engagement and conversions with Mobile Inbound Video and Story based marketing.