Inbound GamePlan Marketing

This comprises of three modules and executed from month 4 to month 15 and is your build, launch and ongoing inbound marketing campaigns that run inside your HubSpot marketing pro subscription which is charged at an additional cost by HubSpot directly to you.

We have three levels of Game Plan Monthly retainers based on the speed and volume of campaigns a business requires.

All Growth Engine programs run for a mandatory 15 months period.

Through targeted and managed Inbound digital campaigns, its executed from three key modules to increase traffic to your online properties, drive more qualified leads into your sales team and ultimately increase revenue from conversions of leads to prospects, and prospects to clients.

Get Stuff Done

It’s time to assemble your inbound marketing campaign arsenal with armoury and firepower to take on new and often bigger players in the arena. We’re talking online assets, websites, SEO, copy, design, videos, blogs, landing pages, organic and paid search & social media, content, call to actions. Plus the technical set up of your HubSpot app and assist with data segmentation and analytics to highlight your hottest leads.

– Create – Get Stuff Done Playbook

– Data – Segmentation

– Systems – CRM Technical Set Up

– Buyers – Research & Develop Personas

– Buyers – Research & Develop Profiles

– Buyers – Develop Buyers Journey from Profiles & Personas

– Message – Create Brand Message Positioning

– Campaigns – Create Inbound Strategy

– Campaigns – Build ACD Inbound Funnel Playbook

– SEO – Create Technical SEO Strategy

– SEO – Build Technical SEO

– Content – Create Content Strategy By Persona

– Content – Build Campaign Content Strategy By Persona

– Content – Build Campaign Content Assets By Persona

– Copy – Create Copy Strategy

– Copy – Create Online Asset Copy

– Copy – Create Offline Asset Copy

– Copy – Create Campaign Sales & Educational Copy

– Paid Search / Social – Create Paid Strategy

– Paid Search / Social – Build Paid Strategy

– Paid Search / Social – Build Assets

– Assets – Create Assets Strategy

– Assets – Rebrand Social Accounts

– Assets – Rebrand Online

– Assets – Rebrand in System

– Assets – Create Social Designs

– Assets – Create Online Designs

– Assets – Create Offline Designs

– Assets – Build / Update Online Web / Blog & Landing Pages

– Assets – Build New Assets For Inbound Campaigns

– Analytics – Set up respective Analytics Tracking Codes

– Analytics – Set up Grow Dashboard

Launch Pad

Your inbound Growth Specialist creates your Go Live schedule to execute your pre-launch, launch and post-launch stage campaigns. This is where your new strategy, its products and services become airborne, launched into the market and where your Growth Engine starts. The gap between Idea and Successful implementation is bridges successfully. We have lift off!

– Create – LaunchPad Playbook

– Q1 – Inbound Campaigns

– Content Calander – Social

– Content Calander – Paid

– Content Calander – Tactical Offers

Campaign Manager
Managed Retainer

Maintaining the growth curve is simplified as your Inbound Growth Specialist manages your campaigns, optimises them and launches new campaigns each quarter in line with your personalised inbound strategy Playbook. We’ve got you covered.. Every component checked, tweaked and fine-tuned for optimum performance. We check in regularly with you to talk progress and report on the successes.

– Create – GamePlan Campaign Playbook

– Assign Inbound Pro / Plus / Premium Status

– Q1 – Inbound Campaigns Management & Optimisation

– Q2 – Inbound Campaigns Management & Optimisation

– Q3 – Inbound Campaigns Management & Optimisation

– Q4 – Inbound Campaigns Management & Optimisation